Style Winners and Losers in 2011

December 20, 2011

2011 was the year when fashion really went extreme – the likes of Rihanna, Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga seeming to influence trends in particular with their boundary breaking fashions. Lady Gaga outdid herself in November 2011, performing on the UK’s X Factor wearing a headless corpse (fake of course!) Now that’s fashion dahlings!

So, who are the fashion winners and losers this year? You might be surprised at some of these:


Pregnancy really suits this superstar chanteuse and she has really been dressing to flatter her slim but ever growing figure. We particularly like the draped dresses she has been wearing lately.

A “Night with Beyonce” concert was shown on ITV on Sunday 5th December which was filmed before she announced her pregnancy in September. We didn’t think sheer body stockings suited anyone except Britney Spears circa 2004 but we were wrong. She looked stunning!


Madonna gets a roasting for daring to dress and act younger than her age but she has looked stunning this year. Gone are the tacky tracksuits and leotards (they look good on NO ONE who isn’t a full time ballet dancer) and in have come form-fitting black dresses, softer looking hair and a va va voom she’s not had since before the Guy Ritchie years.

One key example of how good she’s looking lately is the Toronto premier of her film W.E where she wore a stunning LBD from Tom Ford’s winter collection. The dress fitted her perfectly and showed off that dancer’s figure she works so hard to keep.

We say carry on as you are Madonna and ignore the haters.

Not everyone has been wowing the fashion elite this year though.

Who can forget the dress that Jaime Winstone wore to Elton John’s winter ball? It was truly a frock horror which showed literally everything except the bits that were covered with a ginormous pair of large pants. Nice. Have a look at it here on

Being fashion ready on a small budget

We know everyone’s got far less money these days for anything that isn’t essential. However there’s no reason to think you can’t keep up with the trends on a budget.

Techniques include:

Selling your old things. Got any old mobile phones, necklaces or books you don’t want? Sell your old books on ebay, your phones to a mobile phones recycler like and your gold to an online gold buyer. With gold prices as high as they are at the moment, a simple collection of broken gold necklaces could make a real difference to your finances. A good gold buyer like will give you a great offer.

Using a student hairdresser, most salons will advertise the services of their students at a far lower price than their creative professionals. The students are always very good at what they do and have to be excellent in their own right before allowed to cut the hair of customers. This can save you some money.

Speaking of hairdressers, many salons will cut you in a fringe for a fraction of what a full haircut will cost and some will cut your existing fringe for free if you are a regular customer.

Stay tuned for more fashion winners and losers as we head into 2012!

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