Shopping's Done for the Kids

December 11, 2011

Like what I always say, I don’t do well with heavy traffic, the rush with people bumping on each other as well as a long queue at the checkout counter at the malls so I decided to go on early holiday gift shopping last week. It wasn’t a complete one yet though but I at least got pretty much everything that I need for gift-giving.

I have just revealed what I got for my mom this year. (See post here) This time let’s see what I got for the kids around our household. I got 5 nieces. Four of them are already in elementary school while the youngest one is only 3 y/o. Knowing kids… if one has something, all the rest might as well have so I bought 5 of this Angry Birds Water Bottle – one for each. Not only that it will delight their innocent hearts but it is also something they can use on a daily basis.

I was going to pick something else like maybe clothes or toys but knowing how engrossed they are with this app and those wingless birds, I thought seeing the stuffs will double the size of their grins come the gift-giving day.

The nieces with my girls, Naureen and Kate with long, tied up hair in front. :D

I also have here a polar fleece blanket for the still delicate and fragile, RJ. He is the newest member of the family and is only a month old.

Gift wrapping shall be done next week. I want my girls to enjoy it too so I’m waiting till they’re off from school which is going to be real soon. Can’t wait! :D


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  1. What an indulgent Tita! I love the Angry Birds bottles! My kids would totally fight over that LoL. And the fleece blankie looks so soft, perfect for baby RJ. :) Thanks Nancy, for joining Colorful Weekend! Hope you can join often. :)

    And if you're the crafts kind, the tutorial of those ornaments go up in a few hours. :)