Recommended Fun Activities for Kids on Holiday School Break

December 08, 2011

Exactly 17 days to go before Christmas. Girls over at mom’s and my sister’s household can’t wait to have their Christmas school break. It’s the only time of the year that they get to spend longer holiday with each other together – all 7 of them – I mean 7 girls…and their popular stomping ground…both at mom’s and my place. :)

Well at moms is where they get to play indoor and outdoor games and to mine for the online ones. Thank God I already had my old desktop computer fixed. I have weeks left to download new games for them. This time I might also include bingo games for kids if not print some printable bingo cards… colorful ones.  Or maybe take them to online bingo game site for kids sometimes to let them see and experience the difference.

This game had taken a long way so far being a new addition to their recreation activities during their free time. Mom will take home some bingo cards from school they can play with together on weekends.

By the way, my mom is retired high school teacher. But at 56 she is still very much capable to teach so she took the part-time job from the same school and this time teaching elementary pupils. Every once in a while they organize a Bingo day as fun way of educating their students. They also have started making it part of their activities on some important school occasions too like Teacher’s Day, Parent’s Day, School Foundation Days and Fiestas.

Bingo games are fun way of reinforcing the basics of any subjects and not to mention how it teaches the kids the virtue of patience. Perhaps there are only few people around especially parents realizes it. But it’s about time we stop looking at Bingo the conventional way - a game played by spectacled old women in large halls filled with smoke. Whether we like it or not, time is changing and along with that change comes also the advent of online bingo sites which are liked by millions of kids all over the world.

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