Just Because I am the Best Mother

December 28, 2011

If only I have known it will be worth it I would have given them what they (my daughters) have been asking for quite a while now – a cellphone.

I know I’m such a lousy blogger at times. This text message has been sent to me by my daughter, Naureen weeks before Christmas. Her and her big sister would have wanted a cellphone for a Christmas present but mom is yet to try harder to fulfill that wishes for them and instead gave them few pair of clothes and let them use one of the vintage (Nokia 6300) phones for the mean time. Remember I have to come up for two. :(

That's them... my princesses - from left - Naureen and Kate. :)

On a second thought, afraid of the possibility of them just losing it in an instant knowing they could go unmindful still at their very young age (10 and 9y/o), I am about to tell them ask for something else instead. But this message made its way to my inbox even before I could. Reading it just makes me want to melt every time. Now I am even more pressed at granting their little heart’s desire – regardless. :)

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  1. Sweet naman :) how I wish i could have girls too. Hope to see you in my Wednesday Whites Entry.

  2. how sweet of your daughter to send you messages like that! I agree, I think they are too young to have such expensive phones. Just let them have something that they could use for the meantime.

    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites. Visiting as a host and from my entry, http://bustlingbangkok.info/christmas-in-bangkok/ http://www.ourhomeandhaven.info/rois-feeding-frenzy/ Happy new year!

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