Jollibee and Hetty Danced for the AAC Kids

December 18, 2011

Prayers are indeed powerful… more so if they’re said by the innocent ones.

After having a rain shower- filled Friday brought by the storm WASHI, locally known as typhoon Sendong, the sun surprisingly shone for the kids at Assumption Academy of Compostela (my Alma Mater) who were all so excited to witness the popular Jolibee and Hetty tandem to perfom live at the AAC gymnasium in line with the school’s 50th Founding Anniversary yesterday.

The two were invited by the school to entertain the kids while the Jollibee store staffs at their post are selling Pinoy kids’ favorite meals – yum burger and spaghetti! :D

Here are some photos from yesterday's event...

Jollibee (red) and Hetty (pink) danced to the tune of medley for their giddy spectators.

The two shaking hands with the kids.

Jollibee and Hetty blowing everyone's kisses just before they stepped down the stage after their dance number.

There's us watching the show.

And here's another pose before having our Jollibee meals (from left) mom, my nieces Jam, Inah, Bernadette, MJ and my big sister Joyce. This was after the show. Shh!! We invaded the school's elementary library yesterday instead of using the school canteen and other allotted areas for dining. :D Kidding aside, it's my mom's temporary office after hers was given to the new set of Alumni officers. She shall be having a new one anytime next week. :)

Anyway, we then headed home after taking our meals. I checked the Internet and it’s still out. (The reason why was posted here.) I played games a bit – just to have something to do before boredom set in. It didn’t help. I texted the sister…  I volunteered to babysit for the rest of the day. It worked, LOL!

On the picture is my niece Inah (left), Elijah (right), the baby nephew, RJ and moi. :D

That wrapped up our Saturday! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend as well. ;)

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