RJ is the newest addition to our growing family

November 16, 2011

Well, in our family there’s my mom, me and three of my siblings, the seven grandchildren plus the newly added one. Now do the math and be the judge. Are we big family enough yet? :D

Now what about this one innocent soul laying down here?

First to have seen light on October 26, 2011, Richmond Jay is my big sister’s third bundle of joy.

I’ve was hoping and praying she (my sister) would just pop him out at least few days before JK’s arrival so then I could assist her in the hospital. But such luck is tough.  JK arrived and we were able to come down to town at moms and all but still no baby. On our way back to the city on the 26th (morning), JK and I decided to drop by the hospital where she was admitted.

Off to the labor room. No more visitors allowed!

Oh well… we just headed then to our hotel room in Davao.

Around 6 O’clock in the evening, my cousin called. “It’s a 7- pounder baby boy!” Yey!!!

On Halloween, JK and I came down to moms again to celebrate the occasion with them and to throw our first glimpses at the baby.

There's JK's solo moment with the little one.

with the baby's big sisters (left) Inah and Jam

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  1. CUTE!
    Visiting from Wednesday White from entry #26! Have a nice day..

    You might want to join Orange Tuesdays open from Tuesday to Saturday.

  2. you are 14 all in all including your JK, am I right? the more, the merrier! heehee :D
    JK is so sweet carrying his nephew ;)
    thanks for the visit and comment to my blog :)

    Our Family



  3. Hahaha! you sound brilliant, Jona!
    You're welcome and I appreciate your time. :)

  4. Your fam is big enough, Nance. Wala mi katunga, LOL! He's such a big boy! Akong nephew kay 5.9 man lang paggawas, imoha kay 7 jud! So big!

    That's a cute capture with JK carrying him :-)

    Visiting back here Nance. Super delayed kaau kay busy-busyhan offline.

    Hugs! Mwah!

  5. *nostalgic* -- i want to have another baby! haha.. thanks for sharing.. congrats to your sister for having another bundle of joy! he is a darling! thanks for joining WW!

  6. aw nance i never realized this was your blog until you commented in my entry.. hehehe.. balik ko diri returning the favor for your comment nance! wee!