My Family's First Halloween Celebration with JK

November 11, 2011

And that second time I am talking about below is now over. Please see first installment of our story HERE.

I haven’t been blogging the whole time JK was around as we devote our very limited time (two weeks) having fun going to places and doing things together. That include him celebrating Halloween with me and my family for the first time here in my hometown. Before we rode home, we spent a day shopping for Halloween accessories to bring home for the little ones. My family is not really big on costume party. We’ve never had one before but JK insisted  so I told him to just get accessories instead.

And for our Halloween dinner we simply have had some pork barbeques, crispy fried chicken, veggies and fresh fruits.

On November 1st, mom, JK, me, the kids and dad's family went to visit our departed ones at the cemetery. And on the following day again but this time with relatives coming from my mom's side and some friends.

It is such a pleasure inviting him to our humble place and it made me even more glad to have seen him having a great time and enjoying the company of my family and relatives. :)

Wish we didn't have to leave the next day... but we had to and spend the rest of our days together in some other ways and to other places.

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  1. wow! very cool... it's so nice to know that he has also embraced our culture and all. you sure had fun, your photos show it all! visiting here nance!

  2. by the way, we also had fun during the Halloween... you might want to check this: