Getting There: Shipping Everything From Your Pet Lizard to a Grand Piano

November 28, 2011

The internet has seriously changed the way we buy and sell things. We no longer meticulously peruse estate sales or garage sales; we simply go to eBay and click away. However, if you’re selling your goods online, you have to worry about shipping. What if you want to sell your piano, car, or live animal? Needless to say, Royal Mail is probably not willing to ship off your piano. Regardless of terms and conditions of major postal services, there are countless delivery companies that can transport nearly anything. Don’t believe us? Here are some quirky items that can be shipped.

1. Piano

The piano: bulky, delicate, and expensive. A piano’s attributes don’t exactly make it an easy item to ship. So, if you’re an amateur pianist looking to get your piano from Philly to your new home in Miami, you may be dreading the move. Never fear! There are companies out there that have experience moving pianos. You may want to look for a specialty company, one that has moved pianos before. Try calling a music shop to see if they have recommendations on trustworthy moving companies that are up for the job.

2. Animals

When shipping Fido or Fluffy, you will, of course, be concerned about their physical welfare. You don’t want your pet holding on for dear life as they brave bumpy terrains. When shipping a cold-blooded animal, like a lizard, you can, most likely, use your country’s postal service If you’re shipping a cold-blooded creature like a lizard, you may be able to use your country’s postal service, in some circumstances. Head to your local post office to see if they would be willing to ship your furry friend!

3. Cars

Do the math: in some cases you could actually save money by shipping your car to its final destination, rather than driving it. It all depends on your mileage, gas rates, distance, etc. Additionally, if you’re hard-pressed for time, it could be more efficient just to ship your automobile. If you decide to ship your car, you’re in luck. There are tons of companies out there that are willing to transport your vehicle from A to B. To get the best deal, make sure that you survey at least three different companies and read plenty of reviews. The last thing you want is to get your car back only to find chipped paint or dents.

Moving is stressful enough -- you shouldn’t have to worry about shipping all of your belongings. Luckily, there are plenty of shipping options, nowadays. If you can ship a cat or car, your other belongings should be transported safe and sound.

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