A Coin Bank for that Spur-of-the-Moment Promise

November 22, 2011

We’re halfway through the month already. Are your days getting busier yet? I am no one’s employee. I don’t get paid on a regular basis by a company but I don’t look at things differently. I too spend on holidays just like anyone else. I make a Christmas shopping list too and try as much as I could to make everything on that list covered.

I try not to overspend each time either however, this year I have made a promise to my two girls. A cellphone for a Christmas present! Oh no! Did I just make a mistake again? My darling, Kate was being treated at the hospital when we talked about Christmas and eventually asked for it for a present, how am I supposed to say NO?

Gadgets are typically not my kind of choice for gifts especially on events like holidays where there are too many people, both kids and adult to think of giving gifts to. My pocket simply finds them unreasonable. But not clothes and accessories! :D

And because I don’t want to break their hearts, I surprisingly try to fill this up… and as quickly as I can. Yes, a coin bank for that spur-of-the-moment promise.

In early part of the year I bought this coin bank off from a Korean store. It is made of recycled papers. I find it strikingly colorful and was just going to use it for a house decorative but I’ve notice my purse had plenty of coins that time so I said, why not just drop some of them in, especially the 10 peso coins. From then on I tried to gather each 10 peso coin I get and drop them off the coin bank.

See everything happens for a reason. All I have to do is to try harder to make it. It’s over half filled now though. And if ever I get short at the end of the day then maybe I can count on my pocket to get it covered by then. It shouldn’t be that much. :)


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  1. wow! i used to do that too but every time i do, i end up breaking it hehehe!

    visiting from MYM!



  2. Lagi din ako me ganyan. :)

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC