There Soon To Be A Second Time

October 19, 2011

I oh so miss this! It’s not much of the food (though they are tempting too) but the moments JK and I shared together in this place… our 3-days/2-nights fantastic moments together at Hof Gorei Resort in Samal Island.

Breakfast all served in silver and white glassware is what awaits us each morning. See the two white pots? Those are JK’s coffee and my hot chocolate. It’s kind of bottomless beverage we have each morning plus we do get a small pot each of fresh milk which I personally really didn’t like. I have lactose intolerance and that explains it. :D

There soon to be a second time for us. This time, Hof is not in our priority list but still we are looking to re-experiencing the place and its beauty one last time.


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  1. Now, I so wanted to go to Samal Island...

    Visiting from WW.
    Through The Years

  2. by the way you've described the place Nance, makes me want to buy the deal i saw the other day in one of the group buying sites i'm subscribed! lol! i love your breakfast! thanks for the comment by the way!

  3. Nice trip that was! It's always beautiful whereever it is, when spent with the one we love. Nus-a man ka ani diri Nance? :)

    Late WW visit! Hope you can stop by mine, too, if you get a chance!
    Whites at UWSP
    My Laundry System
    Punch Bowl Set
    Wintry, Brrrrr

  4. aww i want to have a holiday myself! thanks for joining nance! your breakfast looks inviting.

  5. Thanks sissies.

    @Rcel: This was from last year Cel during our first EB. We're looking forward to visit the place again soon. :D