Kate on Her Second Day at the Hospital

October 05, 2011

My Kate after her two days of confinement at Flores Medical Hospital here in our place last week... She was diagnosed of having a Urinary Tract Infection where she had to suffer high fever and constant event of throwing up at the height of its symptoms attack which is obviously the reason why she landed at the hospital.

She was determined to get well so she can go back to school already so for that I complemented her with a short gaming session using my laptop. That was on the second day. Notice she still got her IV tube on.  :D Good thing the hospital has friendly and understanding staffs around. ;)

It's never easy staying at the hospital so I told her be watchful not to get sick again like that. It's not the hospital bills but rather a mother's feeling and how it trembles me every time whenever one of my daughters starts complaining they aren't feeling good.

Well what mother doesn't feel the same?

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  1. Poor little girl! It always hurts and worries parents so much when little ones get ill! She has a delightful smile in the second photo!

  2. true sis.. we could never sleep well when someone in the family is sick. good to see your little girl smiling again! thanks for sharing this at WW and sorry for the late visit!