Short/Long Distance Personal Moving Pointers

August 30, 2011

Whether it is somewhere new or just a few blocks away, it is wise to have a moving checklist because moving can be very stressful. However, planning ahead of time can go a long way towards making the process manageable.

I have had few moving experiences myself. From where I live moving companies are barely available and most of their fees would cost a fortune. So instead of getting their service, people will just hire a truck or a Jeepney (a typical passenger vehicle around town) for a much cheaper price. I am lucky though transporting my stuffs was never an issue in any of those moving events I had to go through and that I owe to friends who personally offered their vehicle and to the company I used to work to before as well.

For me I find moving a whole lot easier when I personally consolidate and box light stuffs out by myself. Anything you can pack ahead will save you time on moving day. While I leave the heavy ones such as household appliances and furniture to those who have tougher arm strength that I do – men power.

Finally, keep important documents with you. Important papers might include: birth certificates, school records, utility company numbers, recent bank records, current bills and more.
Well these are just my personal opinion. Moving tips may vary according to the distance of your next place. If it has to be from one state to another then it probably requires a long distance moving team. But still, a checklist should always come in handy.

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