PR Update: The Single Digit is Back!

August 06, 2011

Today’s update may bring a little bit of frustration and the next… who knows might be the exact opposite. That’s just how a Google Page Rank works. - I said this [here] when this blog lost its page rank from the last update about two weeks ago or so.

And so it happened again. I knew it. Should I be glad? Of course, I am! Who wouldn't when you know how even a 1 like mine matters to every earning blogger.

I just noticed how Google frequently doing this update lately. Haven't you? Hmm, what could have been with that? It used to be months, not weeks. But whatever is that I'm glad all of mine are just doing great - something to be grateful about. From N/A my 3 newest blogs now has 0/10 while the older ones got anywhere from 1 to 3.

I blog today like what I've just said got its PR1 back after losing it for few weeks. Good thing the current sponsors had nothing to say about it. ;)

Oh and by the way, I just have to say this real quick...

WAHMO.INFO - the domain I won from Ruby's exclusive domain giveaway last month is now up! It is still under Wordpress though I haven't edited its layout yet but the posts are there and most importantly, its old PR1 is still there! :D

You're really THE ONE, Rubz. Thanks again and I hope to see you guys around there. ;)

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  1. congrats nancy! two of my blogs got demoted. :-( it's really so hard to understand Mr. G. dropping by from my other blog!