Life's Reality

August 30, 2011

Hearing stories of unfortunate losses and disheartening health issues terrifies me out every time. Few members of our family (immediate and non-immediate) have common cause of death – illness.

In 2002 my father died of complete Renal Failure that lasted him 11 months from the time of his diagnosis. His death was the very first tragic experience our family has ever had.

My mom’s sister died of Breast Cancer in 2004. Though she survived a little longer than dad, still watching her living the rest of her life in an excruciatingly painful way was still a terror to us.

Two years ago, my brother in-law died of lung cancer leaving two innocent little girls wondering when their dad will come back to life.

Early this year, my late 5-year old nephew was being diagnosed of having life-threatening Meningitis. He died a week after.

Looking back at all these misfortunes makes me ponder just  how a person must take care of his/her self, given the fact that the development of common human illnesses are typically man-made. We’re probably lucky with the advent of modern technology nowadays. These are highly competent medical gadgets designed to help improve one’s health condition but still even those can only do so much to help as well.

Death is life’s reality but I still say a healthy lifestyle can take us a long way.

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