Gold Fish Proper Care Tips

August 22, 2011

Sometimes we really do wonder and have to ask questions but couldn't get answers till the right time comes. Just like when I wonder before why the gold fishes I tried to grow before didn't seem to last. It has been a question left unanswered for years and I just discovered recently why.


Goldfish should be fed only once a day and any uneaten food removed as it will cause a high ammonia level in your water which can be very harmful to your goldfish health. Feed your fish one pinch at a time and no more and try to vary his diet with a combination of brine shrimp, and mosquito larvae.

See... just one of the few reasons why we lose our goldfish so soon. More of those reasons at!

I guess now is the time to reconsider having gold fish and other aquarium fishes for a pet. They simply are very relaxing!

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