Giving You my best Shots on these Breathtaking Stunts

August 03, 2011

Following our town fiesta celebration last week is the Compostela 63rd Founding Anniversary (August 1st). Unlike Fiesta, this one is nothing so much to worry about. People don't go to houses to eat instead all locales will go out together to watch live shows, float parade and for the grand night, we witnessed a stunning, 30-minute fireworks display!

It has also been a tradition of our local government to sponsor a MOTOCROSS event on top of the common sports activities like basketball. Before it is just nothing but a crazy game for me thinking of all the possible chances for bikers to say hello to accidents and get hurt. But I started watching it the first time in 2009 with the mighty convincing power of my cousins and walahh!!! I instantly love it more than any sports could do! There's no way for me to miss it the following years. :D

And would I ever miss capturing all the Kodak moments? By the way, that's my camera brand, LOL!

Here you go...

That's just no it. There's still bunch of these startling stunts but I'm just sporting here what I think are my best shots. Come on tick that image now to enjoy an awesome view! ;)

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