Eat Pray Love

August 16, 2011

Whew! It has been such a super busy month I can't wait to just have a break. I know there will come a time I will just it's not going to be so soon though. I gotta wait a month still :(

Oh well...

Other than unwinding somewhere, part of my plans is to also spend time reading this book my dear friend Aubrey sent me some months ago. If you may ask, I used to collect books and novel versions of good movies like this. I've watched Eat Pray Love twice before and still want to read the book when I get the time.

How bout you... We're you able to watch it too? Hmm, I bet you did! If you're one big Julia Robert's fan like me, you sure must have had.  :D

Linking this to Wednesday Whites.

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  1. not yet :( may I borrow? hehehe

    happy WW!

  2. i heard nice reviews of this movie...i am curious to watch it but i just have no time yet to visit Video City to rent a copy. this novel for sure is a good read

    visiting from WW - hope u could visit mine

  3. btw, i am ur new fan on facebook

  4. I miss reading good books because of being too preoccupied in blogging. Yay. I might try to check out this book; pretty interesting title: eat, pray, love. :-)

  5. yes I have watched the movie. Love Julia too. Thanks for sharing and for joining WW this week!

  6. Sure Vhen.. when I'm done :D
    thanks for visiting...