Almost but Not

August 23, 2011

We passed through this buko (young coconut) juice vending cart as we walked our way out from one of the Indak-Indak (street dancing) routes during the recently concluded Kadayawan Festival in Davao City last week. It looks so refreshing I almost got tempted to buy us  a cup each but I stopped myself and walked on to the nearest food chain instead for a much more thirst-quenching iced tea along with some delight to fill our hungry tummies. :D

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  1. wow! butong! sarap naman nyan.

    happy wednesday white.

  2. ooopsss! cannot eat buko, allergic ang tummy ko dyan... derecho agad sa banyo! hahaha!

  3. ouch! that is my favorite! now i wanna cry just thinking that i can't have some right now! :(

    I hope you can visit my whites, too!
    White Xperia X10
    Butong (Young Coconut)
    Apple Blossoms
    Thanks! Till next week!

  4. I can just go with the juice as well Pinx. :D

  5. wow!! i am so drooling because I have not tasted butong in a while now. thanks for joining WW and sorry for this late visit!