There Will Always be Mens Facial Products for the Little Brother to Shoo them Nasty Pimples Away

July 28, 2011

Just because you are a man doesn’t give you an excuse to skip on taking care of your skin. I know most men give less importance of having their skin pampered but come to think about it…first thing that people notice is the last thing you may think about : your face. Healthy skin is an essential factor of a great-looking face regardless of gender. That is why I admire my dear little and only brother each time he ask me to buy him a new shaver and some skin products for men.

Other than the shaving products that he uses during his morning ritual, he also uses a facial cleanser and toner of particular brand to get rid of his oily face that causes him to grow some nasty pimples back then. It has been his preferred brand for years among thousands of mens facial products available. There was even one Christmas where I wrapped him a gift packed with all of his favorites including two of his favorite cologne scents. That was for showing him how I appreciate what he do to take care of his skin.

I also don’t mind him borrowing my nail care kit. I know to some it sounds a little bit awkward but hey that’s grooming and I see nothing wrong with it. Just as I see nothing wrong with my beau doing his own skin care regimen on a regular basis.


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  1. I like to party, not look aritelcs up online. You made it happen.