MYM #14 @ Club Marina Resort in Cebu

July 11, 2011

My 1 TB EHD has all these old photos. These are pictures I took not back in 2007 as the date stamp say but in 2008 and was on May 1st not July, lol! Sorry my bad. I got too excited to try my first digital camera out that I forgot to set the date stamp right. Very timely because the package came in just a few days before Labor Day so I really got the liberty to try it out the first time. :D
My friend, Bebe and I headed to this beautiful, white sand packed resort in Cebu where I enjoyed snapping pictures of almost everything I see around. The resort is named Club Marina if I remember it right and they got all these unique presentation of their facilities and services. Go, scroll it down...

THE RESTAURANT. A mix of Filipino and Japanese dishes are what they serve here. As you can see even the layout of their structure is a combination of both.

A Japanese dining setting in an open air. How cool is that?

Finally, the coolest thing we've seen around... the massage room! :D

We didn't try it though.


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  1. lovely photos... haven't been to cebu, but looking forward one day and might visit the place too :)

    here for MYM!

    here are my entries:

    would be glad to see you there too, thanks!

    have a great week ahead!

  2. The massage room is my mission to accomplished when given the opportunity to go there! lol! I hope ypu could visit mine:

  3. Very lovely resort. I might visit this place soon. I'm curious about the Japanese cuisine like the shushis. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sushis are great Nonoy. It's really worth a try. :)

    Thanks for stopping by here.

  5. Ahh, how refreshing the feeling would be after getting such treat. :D

  6. So beautiful and lovely to see. It looks so dreamy and peaceful!

  7. hi thanks for visiting my MYM entry. firstly, very nice blog layout and photos above look pretty, very nice and relaxing place to be! i lived 21 years of my life in Lapu-lapu but only been to a few resorts there, poorness man gud me.

  8. Massage outdoors... Maybe I´m too chicken, I want a door I can hear if it opens :) But I wouldn´t mind beaches with white sand!

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

  9. Wow!! Looks like an interesting place :-)

  10. It is Shannon and it's not too much for a price to spend a few days there.

    Thanks for visiting! :)