Fairy Tales do Come True

July 15, 2011

That is according to my doting friend who will soon tie the knot to his long-time boyfriend whom she met from dating service site some years ago. Tell me why I shouldn't agree to her. I am not by her side all the time and I only know bits and pieces here and there about their love story but I can tell it through her sparkling eyes and her so passionate smile, she's deeply in love.

Well I believe everyone deserves happiness. It may not be as equal the way we look at it sometimes but it is how it is. Wait... did I just hear myself talking like that? Okay, well this isn't about me at all. Things are maybe a little bit rocky here on my side these days but I am happy and I mean truly happy for my friend. And I'm sure I'm gonna be there for her on their special day whenever it maybe. ;)



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