Compostela Town Fiesta 2011: Our Humble Celebration

July 30, 2011

Every 25th of July, my home town observes Fiesta in honor of our Patron Saint James the Apostle. It has been the tradition of not just my family but to many to celebrate it with  festivity - that means there will be abundance of food on the table, bottomless drinking, music to play and sing along with (locally we call it videoke) and all other form of merriment we know of.

I prepared pretty much all of the food we've had this year... except the roast pig though. Can you imagine that? I cooked for nearly a hundred heads. I made 3 pork recipes including, savory pork stew, meatballs, spring rolls, 2 beef recipes (steak and bulalo) and finally my all-time favorite, stir fry egg noodles and a sweet macaroni salad for the last course. Mom ordered the kakanin (biko) from her friend. Obviously most of them are not on the picture. It is because my camera battery died. So sloppy! Of all the important things that need prepared... Oh well, at least I still managed to snap some.

By the way, on the pictures are my immediate family and closest relatives. Needless to say everyone had a blast especially the little ones.

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  1. hi nancy! ikaw diay cook kung fiesta...kami diri sa bohol, tig pista pud mi. although i grew up nga walay fiesta celebrations, diri lang ko sa Bohol naka-try and experience og celebrations like this. before mag-prepare jud mi, but for the past two years, nagpa-cater nako, hehehe...less hassle, especially with a little tot around and now the baby... wala nay salin diha? hehehe/...dropping by!

  2. So far Pinx, yes, hahaha..Tandem kami ng only brother ko :D And I don't think catering will do for the big family we have. Hakutan kasi yung iba, hahaha!! Guest will bring their guest along as well. Ganun yata talaga pag Fiesta! :D

  3. Now that I'm done with my motlerhy duties I can start spending the winters in better climes again... and I know where I want to go now! I can smell the sea and the sand and the sun! This dress needs to be worn in the English summer - it looks great on you! xoxo