this week's accomplishment

June 26, 2011

Hi there! How are you guys doing? Whew, it has been a long week! But a rewarding one if I may say and that's because one of my long - been overdue plans for this blog is finally done. This may seem obvious to those who frequent here (:? is there even any? LOL!) but to many who aren't I'm talking about the blog makeover that I just did.

It was somewhere in March when I first gave it a thought about dressing this blog up one more time and then there came April and May, LOL! Who would know it'll take me couple months to finally gather my thoughts together and make it.

Like what I did to my newest WP blog, I also picked just another free theme from Wordpress Theme Shop. I like their themes neat, simple and not too complex to modify.

Check out the difference...


(click image to view full size)


For the theme color I chose subtle tones light pink and bisque to replace the original ones. That's to make it look easier to the eyes. I'm big on greens too however,  to pair deep green with something grey doesn't seem right to me but of course that is understandably because the author of this theme was a male Indian and isn't it obvious that I'm just being feminine here? :D

I wanted to use a background too but that I guess can wait till I find a suitable one that would complement the entire theme. I still got more tweaking to do with my other pages as well so until I'm done with the rest then I can always go back for the final touches. ;)

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  1. Sige, maghahanap ako ng theme na pwedeng i-tweak na type ko at walang problema pang inalis ang link sa footer. :D

  2. BION I'm imspersed! Cool post!