something must be wrong

June 12, 2011

On and off! Huhu! This is really getting so frustrating now. One minute it loads the next minute it doesn't. That's how my new site [kat's box and dice] has been acting all week while I am trying to dress it up. That's right, it took me that long to decide how I wanted it to look like only to get error messages all from three different browsers I have tried to load it on.

That was around midweek, I ended up clueless and didn't know what to do so I consulted MommyRuby of PMC since she was the one who gave and hosted the domain. Chances were, I must have triggered something to cause the server to block the domain - that's according to her. So I've waited till she told me when to try loading the page again. After over an hour of waiting it came back and again however it happened, I don't know, LOL! I was just glad it did and so the tweaking went on.

I thought my worries ended there. But not until when I was about to publish my introductory post this afternoon and it acted up once again. (Sigh!)

It was Monday when this new domain was awarded to me and now it's making me sad I can't even launch it before the new Monday comes as I have planned. :(

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