MYM #11 just another delectable yellow

June 06, 2011

Okay, so before you even have to ask, NO... this isn't what we have for the day. :D But we often consider having this recipe on some occasions especially birthdays.

Locally we call it "crispy pata"; ["pata" for the Filipino version of pig's front or hind legs.] That's the original name but by choice my family love it better fried then glazed after with pineapple juice and topped with pineapple slice. That's on top of the slow simmering procedure before you put it into deep frying.

More beautiful yellows at MYM site. Happy Monday everyone! :D

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  1. kakagutom naman! hehehehe

    visiting you from the hop...

    hope to see you there! thanks!

  2. I love crispy pata! It's been awhile since I last had a taste of it :)

  3. Make sure to have some pineapple afterwards to counter the effect of pata. As I call it, "putok-batok" yan.

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