From Yellow to Blue

June 30, 2011

From yellow to blue - this is exactly how I feel right at this moment.

This morning, I came across of this very generously priced vacation package for two from one of the country's popular travel sites. It's a romantic 2-night stay for 2 in Palawan with round trip airfare, hotel accommodation and island hopping for just about $240 instead of $380 something. That's over a hundred bucks savings.

Voucher validity runs until June 2013. The problem is, there's only a day left to buy. Huhuhu... This sure is going to be more than what you can ask for a deal but where on earth will I get 240 bucks to buy it? (Sobs) This really made me wish there's someone who could offer me for an instant cash loan right now. Would really be great, haha!

Anyway, just so you know why I am acting like... it is because I was tasked to look for places to visit  in preparation for my man's second visit in October. (Sigh!)

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  1. I know what you mean! That is the reason why I don't look at sites like megadeals.Ph unless I have money to spend, because I end up feeling depressed when I am not able to buy a really good deal.. :P