along the sidewalk

June 01, 2011

I used to pass through one sidewalk before on my way to school way back in college and saw these different kinds of small vendors settling outside these big establishments mostly stores, banks and offices and they sell all kinds of stuffs – foods, clothes, fruits and all other else they believe would make them money for the day. There those who try to sell lucky numbers for lotteries – which of course I know was a bogus but what the heck… clever people know what’s right and what’s wrong, what to believe and what not to. But still these people kept on showing up every day. Well, to me it’s not really a big deal as long as they don’t harm others. Such their way of making a living…

Still along that sidewalk there are also small time gold buyers with their portable carts. They buy, broken watches and jewelries, old coins and other precious metals though you can’t expect them to pay you more unlike what these cash for gold companies do to their clients in this modern time. I know so because an old friend of mine used to be so good in selling platinum and other broken jewelries she got from her moms and she keeps the money she made for her weekly school allowance.

Just looking at this growing industry today especially what I see online and thinking how successful the people behind these businesses have become makes me wonder about those small time jewelers that I get to see on a daily basis back then. I wonder if they prosper too or will I still get to see them again the next time.

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