i won!

May 31, 2011

That's right! I won and became an instant .info domain owner in just a matter of minutes. So cool, yea!

The ever generous Mommy Ruby of PMC was giving away earlier 10 free .info domains to the first 10 lucky mommies over at PMC to have suggested available .info addresses and luckily my katsboxanddice.info came out 8th on the final list. How's that for some luck?

But wait... there's more!

That free giveaway is also coupled with a lifetime hosting services for free under either WP/Blogger platform and again courtesy of PMC free hosting services. Whew, I can't wait for her to finish setting it up. It's going to be a brand new addition to my WP blogs and for that I thank you so much Mommy Rubz for being so passionate to us, PMC members.

Congratulations to the rest of the winners too and goodluck to our new upcoming pages...

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