freebies make my day

May 19, 2011

Summer is almost over and that means kids are soon to go back to school. And at times like such, freebies are everywhere. Oh how I love giveaways unfortunately I never get to avail any of them since I shopped for my girls' way earlier. It just so happen that last minute shopping is not my thing. I don't mind paying regular prices as long as I don't have to wait hours just to check my stuffs out.

But last weekend while celebrating my sister's birthday and at the same time shopping for her kiddos supplies, we get to take home two of this limited edition American Idol 10th Anniversary CD - that's for having 2 sets of what are exactly shown on the picture below (fanatic feast) for our lunch. I got to keep the other copy of course, lol! Freebies like this really makes my day!

I also bought a new set of 2LB dumb bells for my workout... and again on a slashed price that day. The rest of the girls got most of their school needs on discounted prices as well so everybody went home, full, jolly and happy after.

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