something i love doing

April 15, 2011

I must admit despite my crazy mood with blogging lately, I still somehow feel delighted whenever people ask me to help them start their own blog if not an online page where they can sell their products. Maybe because it is something I love doing and makes me feel proud to have known something that others completely don't. Not to mention the skills and the patience it takes to come up with one.

A friend of mine have been wanting to take her clothing business online but didn't know how to do it until she finally got the chance to personally talk to me about it during my brother's birthday the other day. No she wasn't the first person who asked me the same favor and despite of my frustrating experiences with some for just unfortunately wasting my effort I still want to help her out this time. I'm not saying I'm excellent on this field. I never claim to be. I only know and can share to other people what I've learned but when it comes to nurturing it, making it a search engine friendly page that is already up for them to work on to.

More traffic... more clients... more profit! Obviously these are the goals of every online entrepreneur or they won't bother marketing their products and services online at all! My friend is pretty much serious about her plans - that at least tells enough that I won't be wasting my time and effort if I help her this time. :D

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