April 20, 2011

Just what made other people think I am rich? Having an American boyfriend doesn't make me any richer... hellooooo!!!!Where on earth that idea is coming from?

I don't know in other countries but here in the Philippines some people are too quick to assume the financial status of any women who's in a relationship with foreign men especially Americans being healthier than others. Ha-ha-ha! How crazy is that? They just don't get it... how I wish there's instant no fax payday loan available around then I would definitely love to apply for one to help make some ends meet. Seriously, I really do. Unfortunately, there's none so I learn to live by and make use of what I only have.

But to those who think I am ( filthy rich) you might know someone or any group for that matter that offers instant no fax pay day loans... how about let's just go get ourselves there together so we can all be a day richer than the others, LOL!

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