tough luck

March 29, 2011

It's been close to a week now since I last visit Facebook. Well, I'm not really big on social networking sites as I kept on telling it but at times it necessitates me to communicate with families that are living away from us and such site is the only way to do it easier and for free. :)

Yesterday as I was trying to get in touch, it caught me by surprise to have read one of my cousin's wall posts about their car badly scratched by vandals. It's not a brand new car when they got it for their growing family four months ago but gee... who would have thought it would get into such trouble. I've seen some photos of the poor car and can't help but to feel sorry about it and for the car repair that is definitely needed.

My cousin and her family live in Sydney--- a sophisticated place as far as I know. I can almost imagine crimes are less in highly developed places like this however, what just happened to their car made me realize that still delinquent people are really anywhere. The sad part of the story is that the kids accused of the crime claimed they didn't do it but instead were caught breaking in to another car parked beside theirs. How lame is that? Now they're facing tough insurance claim problem. I used to work in a car company too before and have heard car troubles like this from different clients.... some are even worse. Scratched ones may not require a major car repair but still it entails pain if not covered. Whatever the case may be, I hope they'll get through it soon!

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