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March 01, 2011

That's what I did this morning!

Seriously, this blog is made for Sheriff if you happen to know who he is. If you are with Payu2blog then you should.

I bought its domain on February last year and paid for a hosting service even. Unfortunately, the last few months of 2010 has been so depressing that I couldn't even pay a visit to any of my own pages including this. Such a disaster every time I get that way! I feel sorry each time I allow myself to get on the edge because I always ended up losing what I would have earned.

Oh well, that's another lesson learned.

This morning, I've come across with these tips again on how to win Sheriff's precious approval. They're actually pretty much the same tips with the ones I already have read before except for one thing that says about the kind of template or theme that meets Sheriff's expectation... although it was also stressed further that it's not a big plus but somehow it counts.

And talking about template shift, I actually have considered it already even before I have read those tips. I always prefer the simpler ones even to my other blogs and so this morning I've started the quest.

I got one thing in mind that bothers me though... will a template shift possibly affect a pagerank? I still need to find that out.

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