still half empty at two

March 04, 2011

Time sure flies fast. My house will soon turns two. It's not a big one but it is sure something others don't have.I am happy and at the same time grateful for finally having a conducive place to do my job. Living with mom before wasn't that bad at all. But knowing what I do for a living, I needed a place where I can be effective with the things I do and away from all kinds of distractions as I really do get destructed way too easy.

But even at how small my place is, I still couldn't help but dream of the kind of interior look that I wanted to give to it. I've seen those fancy stone-made countertops from Marble City other known as granite countertops san mateo and oh how I so wanted to have even one of their simplest designs. What homeowner who wouldn't want a classic counter design like this?

This or any similar furniture to this is definitely a must-have to those who have overflowing budget but that is certainly not me, LOL! I can only do so much for my house and even if it is still half empty as I am calling it, what is important is I already have it. It doesn't matter how long it will take me to furnish it. Things will come around as they do and when they do so there's really nothing much to worry about.

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