my newest blogging buddy

March 03, 2011

Meet my new blogging buddy! It's a new HP Pavilion Garden Dreams Laptop - a special belated birthday present for me from dear JK and his daughter Kris. So nice and thoughtful of them.

This and the rest of the presents were mailed to me last month (Feb.14) and finally got hold of the entire package on the 28th of the same month. I was so in awe the moment I open the box and more so wowed as I was slowly pulling the laptop out. LOL! This is my second laptop computer and it has been years since I lost the first one so imagine the excitement I feel while waiting for it to come.

Now I am so much enjoying it and still overwhelmed by the entirety of it - the look, the specs and especially the fact that it is handy and so therefore I can conveniently carry it out with me anywhere I go.

Aside from its powerful features, it has also pre-loaded games which I'm sure not only me but everyone here in the house will enjoy. And mind you, they're just no ordinary games that are usually given by manufacturers for free. There's bunch of new 3D games in it including the hottest and most sought after MMORPG game of today's time and it's none other than the Word of WarCraft! Whew! I know a lot of people out there are so into this game. Now I think is the time to start counting myself in, LOL! Why not? It is played by everyone and I believe wow guides are always available online for beginners like me.

Oh, but well...  there's always plenty of time for that. For now, I just simply want to explore, love and be inspired more with it. Oh and thanks to it... my desktop computer will finally get to have its much needed break now too. :D

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  1. wow that is so cool sis! sweet naman ni palalabs! go na kaau na! =)

  2. love the look of your lappie...dreamin' of having my own someday:D

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