cheers to our 2 newest achievers

March 10, 2011

Trending in our family today are stories of successes...stories of our two new achievers (my cousins Hanee Mae and Grace) who will soon be graduating from two different nursing schools in the city. There will be two separate celebrations for that and both invitations were already sent to us via phone calls.

Talking about their newest achievements still really makes me feel nostalgic up until now. I've finished college too, yes and was able to march on my graduation day but I still couldn't help but wish I made it with the same degree too like they just did. To become a certified Nurse has been a dream of mine and I guess even to wear those nursing uniforms will just remain a dream forever.

Oh well...

Anyway, being the wisest shopper of the family, I was tasked to look for something useful for a gift that might do for the two of them. I was going to start exploring for some options when I instantly happen to think of custom made scrubs or anything useful for their profession. I figured that would make a perfect present for nursing graduates like them. I am not just sure yet though which medical uniforms store should I get it from. It would have been easier to shop online but I really don't think I can afford for an international shipping fee this time. Maybe I will just have to look on site.

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