iblogtoday.info domain on its 2nd year!

February 08, 2011

Thanks to my ever generous sponsor for paying it off!

After getting a total of four renewal notices from Godaddy.com the domain name for this blog was finally renewed.

Their system cannot perform the automatic renewal I have indicated in my account since the debit card (EON card) that I enrolled to them before has expired thus, the 4 notices. Although my UB card got renewed in November last year, I just simply didn't pay too much attention about updating my card information at Godaddy with it till I got the last notice.

However, the amount of $38+ startled me as soon as I checked my account. How could it reach that high when what I need for a year renewal is only $7.99? I didn't remember either that I agreed paying for 4 years in time of my first renewal this year.

Luckily, I have JK to help me iron things out with them with just a single call. If not for him, I wouldn't have been able to renew this domain for the year.  I simply didn't have $38 at that time. Well, this wasn't the first time that he did me blogging-related favors... not only with Godaddy but over the years, he had been all out with his support and even deal with some "fishy" advertisers for me especially those who are just out there to suck poor blogger's ideas and effort but didn't really mean to pay at all.

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