a true blogger at heart

January 29, 2011

I get destructed way too easily and I've been ranting about it on different occasions over at my blogs and how I've tried not to allow any amount of emotional stress  to get into my blogging routine but I guess as human as I am, I can only handle enough. I've realized that when I found myself one day letting the hours, days, weeks and even months to  just pass. Thus, the long post gap.

But a true blogger at heart - that is probably how I am. If not, I wouldn't have been sitting here trying to get back on track.

Another thing that motivates me even more to get the ball rolling again is that tiny green bar that reads: 1/10 at the sidebar. I don't know exactly when Google updated its system but the fact that this blog was granted its first rank ever is already something to be glad about.

As bloggers we know very well the leverage of having a blog that's ranked by Google, financial benefits wise. However I don't want to focus on that part just yet. Not that I'd rather refuse opportunities but I really need to work on my traffic more importantly for now. Plus I feel the need to get a new theme. Wish I can get all these things done within the shortest time possible and before even Google will decide to get my blog's rank back. Hopefully not! :D

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