15 eventful days with JK

November 03, 2010

Howdy, I'm back! For some reasons I decided not to talk anything about JK's plan of visiting the country to finally meet me in person this year. That event took place last month. We've spent 15 eventful days together in Davao and that obviously answers the question why I've been away for quite a long time.

We've been to several places and enjoyed each other as much as we could for we know our time had to last (well for now)... sad but we both knew it from the start. Although we didn't look at it that much instead we tried to make the most out of each day and generally it was totally an awesome experience we've both had together.

Among the places we've visited were the Davao beaches and resorts...

Davao Eden Nature Park...

Davao Crocodile Park...

and we also have had a 3-day romantic and relaxing stay at Hof Gorei - an exclusive resort located at Island Garden City of Samal.

(click images to view full size)

More photos are up on our page, my main blog and on my Facebook account. :D

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  1. Baby I had the time of my life with you, we took in so much and being with you made it worth it.