another long weekend... i wish it makes a difference

September 11, 2010

Yesterday, Friday was proclaimed a non-working holiday by the President in observance for the culmination of Eid ul-Fitr - the Festival of Breaking the Fast for Muslim people.

And because it's holiday, I was able to catch and talk to some friends online early in the morning. To me doing it is nothing ordinary. I only get to talk to my friends during weekends, if not late at weeknights and from their end I felt how glad they were to have such a 3-long day break from work. Times like these reminds me of my old working days where any holiday announcements made by our boss will really make everyone happy and giddy - the kind of feelings that I so miss for a very long time now.

How I wish like my friends, I could still see and feel the difference of the two different days - the working and the non-working days or just even the difference between the weekdays and weekends.

And to those who envy for not having the life like I have (where I could sit, eat, sleep and wake up the following morning without the need to rush or beat the time)... stop the CRAP! You have no idea how is it like to live like I do.


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