unproductive saturday

August 07, 2010

Early in the morning today a neighbor of ours asked if I can help her figure out what's troubling her desktop computer. I am no Einstein when it comes to technical problems but because I hate dealing with technicians and the way they sometimes "overly" charge their services, somehow it necessitates me to learn and do things on my own.

So anyway, I went and try to help her out. Initially I suspected something was wrong with her monitor. It works a while and then gets interrupted before the computer could even finish booting. So I opened to do some cleaning and checked if the cards were positioned well and tight. But just as I am ready to run a test, the power suddenly went out. Grrrrrr!!!!! How timely!

I stayed awhile to see if it was just a mere glitch. Little did I know the said interruption was actually scheduled? Bum!!! What a pleasant surprise for the second time around!

Oh well, I walked home and stayed idle for hours. The power came back around 11am. The enthusiasm to get some things done for the day have all  faded away. What an unproductive Saturday it is!

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