the most awaited box for the month has landed

August 28, 2010

I've been hoping to get hold of this box last Friday. I had a hunch it's in the post office already. But I had to go to Davao, Thursday through Saturday so I asked my sister, Thea to pick it up for me however I forgot to leave her a note authorizing her to do so.  So I had to wait again till I come back to personally get it. I came home Sunday and picked it Monday.

So this is what... the 6th box for the year? Yep, I think so...  and to whom else will it come from than my avid fan and the most thoughtful man alive I know.

This is actually the standard bearer of this box... a genuine Microsoft Operating System. Now, I no longer have to suffer and worry about my computer crashing plus it will sure help me a lot while learning to do computer reformatting on my own.

But of course JK (the sender) felt it too unreasonable to place only a single item in this $56 worth flat rate box so he fill it with some other stuffs like what you see in the following pics below.

my niece's were too quick to grind  a few packs of these chocolates before I could even take a picture of them all so no wonder why the rest are missing here :)

now this is a bunch of flavored rice... gotta share some to others

in preparation for the much awaited island getaway soon, LOL!

Oh and I also got a racer back yellow top. That's supposed to be my next entry for the Mellow Yellow Monday meme but I forgot to take a picture of it... so sloppy me! Oh well, I still can do that later.

Ciao for now! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :D

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  1. Hmmm, mukhang exciting yang island getaway na ya ah. :)