on this week's to-do list

August 18, 2010

I shall be getting another stuffed box from JK and it is supposed to arrive anytime this week. I even wish for a notice from Mr. Postman to come in today so I won't miss it when I go to Davao for some errands tomorrow.

So anyway, the Kadayawan week is already up in Davao. It's been a long time since I last joined the celebration and I'm really aching to this year (with fingers crossed). :D

But on top of that purpose, I really need to renew my EON Cyber account at the Union Bank. It is about to expire in October and I want it renewed the earliest time possible.

Plus there's more and I wish to leave tomorrow so I can get them all done and hopefully, just hopefully will get to enjoy the Kadayawan Festival  highlights  and other activities on Saturday, the 21st. :)

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