Mellow Yellow Monday #1 Excuse Me

August 09, 2010

That's how Pure Ice named this polish. I got this along with few other bottle of nail polish from JK when he sent his __th box full of gifts for me from late last year.

Another box is on its way and should be here anytime next week.  I wonder if it has something yellow in it again this time. Hmm, we'll find out! :D


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  1. Wow! That is a cool colour for nail polish. It would look really good with chocolate or caramel coloured sweaters/.

  2. Love it.. its perfect for the summer.

    BTW, Im adding this site to my blogroll.. please add mine too :)

  3. Nice color... blends well with your fingers:) thanks for the visit too.

  4. yellow nails
    glowing like cat eyes
    in the dark