post fiesta update

July 30, 2010

In case... just in case you wonder how our Town Fiesta celebration went since I've been very vocal about it in my blogs... well, it was a blast!

Successful! As we expected, a lot of people came - friends, relatives and there were even people whom I don't know personally but Mama still did welcome them anyway. That's what Filipino Fiesta is.

I treated all the girls out to a carnival after lunch for some rides and then we went shopping after. It wasn't really an ideal time to take them around along with the thick crowd but kids are kids. They always want what they want. I also didn't want to spoil the day so even if it was so tiring already in my part, I still gave in to their request... just so to complete their own innocent version of celebrating the occasion as well.

At around 6 in the evening, the environment already started to calm down although there were still few people left (boys in particular having their drinking spree) but that didn't stop me from locking myself up for a nap. My body feels like I was beaten to death that day. Oh well, it was over, anyway.

But what took me so long to post an update? Well, that's going to be what my next entry is all about. :D

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