my new priority

July 16, 2010

Having a job has become my new priority these days especially after I put it aside for years over certain plans that didn't really went well. Although I don't want to let go but I also realize it is now time to just let things happen too as it comes instead of making my self believe for the impossible at the moment.

The transition of the new administration has just taken place and somehow we see some light from our new local leaders that we have today. With that my friend and I thought of trying our luck for a government position. It's not my first time for the year. So I didn't get lucky from my previous applications but I'm keeping my hopes high for my next attempts and the last I did was on Tuesday. Thankfully an interview was immediately granted to both of us on the following day.

I feel somewhat accomplished that day. For once in the longest time I've done something rational other than just sitting around all day if not wasting  time on senseless matters.

It may take some time but I want to remain optimistic on the possible results for this attempt. I hope it'll turn favorable for us this time.

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