from happy to grumpy

July 10, 2010

Slept and woke up late today. Mom is out to attend a two-day seminar in the city so I got more reason to stay home and keep my sister Thea and the kids company especially at night. But last night we chose not to sleep and instead play our favorite card games until five this morning. We only had coffee and of course chips and crackers to keep us awake. My niece Bernadeth didn't make it as late as we did. She passed out after midnight. I know not a healthy sleeping time for a school girl like her but we sure only do it and allow her to stay up late during weekends. Not as often even.

So anyway, the morning came and so is the time of the month. Such a crazy way to greet the day! From happy now I feel so grumpy. But no I don't want to take it out to no one so I just decided to go back to sleep after I took lunch, my first meal for the day which I wouldn't have had if not for my niece, MJ who woke me up.

It's past five in the afternoon. I thought it's already a brand new day when I opened my eyes and rose from bed. I took a shower to freshen up and ate dinner after. Wow, what a feeling it was! I feel like I been from an all night drinking session. But I swear I wasn't. If I were to drink, it is more likely just by my self which I so rarely do if not with a group like my cousins on a certain occasion.

Although, I would have loved to drink too last night but there's nowhere near to get the kind of drink that we want. We don't live in the city where some stores are 24 hours open. Besides we can't just leave the kids alone just to get what we want.

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