fiesta month is here

July 03, 2010

So here comes a brand new month and notice how fast the days went. It's the 3rd already and in three weeks time it's another fiesta time. I'm talking about the annual celebration of our parochial fiesta in honor of St. James the Apostle in which we celebrate every 25th of July.

It is still three weeks away but the narrowing roadways to our marketplace is becoming evident due to the growing number of "ukay-ukay" stalls (surplus shop) and caravans situated at the sidewalk. Locales usually prefer to shop at these stores because prices here are way cheaper and obviously has more quality (but not all) compared to some brand new ones.

I used to be a frequent buyer of surplus products (bags, shoes, clothes, sandals, curtains, bed covers, etc.) but when I left Davao for Cebu 2 years ago and left behind almost all that I've had that's where I slowed down with shopping.

But anyway, they're really nothing big compared to the price I reaped with that decision. It is finding my way back home and to be with the people I love - they are my family. Since I'm back I've been enjoying every chance I get to celebrate whatever there is to celebrate with them and my relatives. We seem to have one every now and then, LOL! Needless to say everyone around is looking forward for the fiesta on the 25th!

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