she turns 8 today

June 16, 2010

This is the latest pic of me and my Naureen whom I wish didn't have to grow so fast. Gone are the so adorable moments with her when she wants to catch everyone's attention around.

Now that she turns 8, her perspectives in life also have grown. She knows now how to make personal choices like what to buy for clothes, how to match colors (remarkably like mom), what to and what not to eat in excessive manner, in short she now have tender ideas  on balance diet. But most importantly, as a girl she's starting to get aware on how to behave accordingly... a real indication that she's no longer a baby... my baby.

But I'm  proud and happy for her... for what she is and for what she has become now. She's still the sweetest any parent would long to have. My love for her is boundless.

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