parting time

June 11, 2010

It was Saturday, the fifth when we left Camiguin. I haven't had much sleep the night before because I had to make sure everything were packed and none of our things will be left behind especially the take home goodies. :D

We planned to ride off at three in the morning so we could catch the first barge but the kids were such a pain to wake up plus the parting words with everyone took longer than we expected... as in 3 households really had to roll out just to kiss us goodbye and wish us all a safe trip back home. To make the story short, we made it with the 2nd trip which is at almost 6: O'clock and while sailing daughter 2 noticed this foggy hill from across the sea. Thought it was marvelous looking like a smoky volcano so I took few quick snaps. :)

What you think?

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